New Hire Training

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Welcome to Myriad.Congratulations on joining the team here in Salt Lake City. We are so excited to have you with us.In preparation for your first day, we have a few training requirements we need you to complete.Ensuring that these are complete prior to your first day will make sure you have access to all of the right places in the building and within our computer systems.


There are several modules you need to complete � one for Myriad�s Compliance and Privacy Programs, and one for safety.Each of these online modules will take about 20-30 minutes to finish � and the Compliance and Privacy module will contain a short quiz that must be completed.Make sure you print off the quiz score to ensure you receive credit for the quiz.


PLEASE NOTE - These modules serve to cover the minimum amount of information required for you to get started at Myriad.They do not serve to replace your attendance at the next company sponsored New Hire Orientation (held around the 1st and 16th of each month).


Once you have completed the two required modules it is mandatory that you please bring your printed quiz scores and any of the other required information and documentation to Myriad on your first day � and give it to your supervisor, a member of the HR team or a member of the QA group.


Module 1 � Compliance and Privacy (all employees)

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         Remember to print:

o   Quiz Score

o   Workforce Confidentiality Agreement


Module 2 � Safety In A Second (all employees)

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         Remember to print:

o   Training Sign-Off Sheet (.pdf)



If you run into any questions or problems with the modules, please contact Michael Moffett (Training Coordinator) at mmoffett@myriad.com or at 801.584.3656.


(Note: These modules can be viewed on Mac and PC/Windows computers.For best results, please make sure that you have a current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox.The most updated version of Adobe Flash is required.)



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