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Educating Providers on Hereditary Cancer

“Family history is key to the identification of those individuals who have an inherited predisposition to malignancy or who are at increased risk for additional primary cancers.”

– Journal of Clinical Oncology, Feb. 3, 2014, Lu, et al (1)

Understanding a patient’s personal and family cancer history is essential for providing high quality, precision care in oncology and gynecologic oncology practices. Physicians and nurses have an important role in identifying patients and families with hereditary cancer risks and helping to prevent cancers that are likely to occur.

As a global leader in molecular diagnostics, Myriad Genetic Laboratories is committed to educating providers on hereditary cancer, medical information and resources to help you stay informed on the rapidly evolving world of cancer genetics.

"Despite the importance of family history in cancer risk assessment, studies have shown that physicians do not always take and/or update a family history and that there is a lack of completeness of the documented family history."

– Journal of Clinical Oncology, Feb. 3, 2014, Wood, et al. (2)

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